Smruti Bodhi is an overconfident, smartass who believes too much in herself.

By profession, she is a Clinical Psychologist but as per her behavior, people often recommend her to consult one. JK, she is not Overconfident. :3

On a serious note, I am a curious person who wants to explore everything, really!

The world is too beautiful to die without admiring its beauty.

The knowledge is too fascinating to die without exploring it’s mysteries.

People are too interesting and complex to die without knowing… understanding.


Innocent creatures.

Creatures who think that they hold some extraordinary place in this vast, enormous web called Universe. Cute.

I don’t believe that we are here for an important purpose.

I don’t believe that we are any special in any form…

I believe that we are Delusional, too deluded to see the truth!


The thing we believe in… is THE TRUTH!! , it has to be… that’s the rule, right? But what is Truth?? If it is always changing… unstable… temporarily valid, then can we trust it? SHOULD we Trust it?

And if not this, then what else??

Psycho-philosophical creature I am!

Being scared to die for a big time of my life I concluded to Live.

No no no no… I’m not a person with/was a Suicidal Ideation; I just love life too much to lose.

Well I can rant like this the whole day, so coming to the Blog!

I am a victim of racing thoughts…

Annoying, but Beautiful..

So I pen them down to keep them only Beautiful.

This Blog is my attempt to share them with others. It’s not about any specific topic so I’m going to use the most hated word which is, ‘Random’. Yes, it may include my thoughts,incidents, ideals, experiences, fiction, people… oh, definitely people, interesting puzzle!

I may narrate stories, scribble anecdotes, babble conversation and what not. If you like me, wants to know about me then stay connected, because you will Love Me! :->