Shortest Stories

Smruti Bodhi



Ambiguity of Twilight

Yesterday, I binge watched Twilight Saga series. In the beginning it was a little weird as I realized how dramatic the movie actually was but gradually the tone set in and I traveled back in time, 10 years ago… Wow! can’t believe it’s been whole 10 years.

I remember, it was a Holiday and my father fell asleep watching T.V. He rarely let us watch anything of our interest so I caught the opportunity, stealthily climbed up on bed, turned down the volume to 2, switched off the lights and started browsing channels sitting hardly a feet away from the screen. It was raining outside, monsoon, I loved it. I stopped on Star Movies, some movie was about to start. I loved English movies, they even started giving subtitles so that helped. Movie was, Twilight. Continue reading “Ambiguity of Twilight”



Half day, Saturday.

Tap tap tap tap, fingers running on my office keyboard and suddenly my mind sparked *BING*


I should call her, I thought.

Took my cellphone – Tap on Contacts – Tap on Search box – Types M-U-N – “No search found”.


Munni… a friend as immature as her name, an eccentric personality, a weird relation. This creature had beautiful brown straight silky hair… I loved them but hated her brown, never-to-be-trusted surma filled eyes. She was basically Kareena Kapoor from “Jab We Met”, just subtract the hidden logic and sensibility. Continue reading “Munni…”

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